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Riska joined Shackleton Towers in August 2019 as a Researcher. As a researcher, she has some responsibilities such as conducting recruitment activities, researching for candidates based on client’s requests, and others headhunting process.

Riska began her career experience in 2018 as an International Human Resources and Development in Japanese engineering industry company in The Netherlands when she still pursuing her bachelor’s degree. One of her tasks as International HR is doing a recruitment process for onboarding foreign employee and looking for new employee to the company itself. While working there, she gained experience to learn broader about Human Resources in details also improving and developing her skills and personality in diversity environment.

She gained her bachelor’s degree in President University, majoring in Business Administration and HAN University of Applied Science in The Netherlands as an international student exchange for a year, majoring in International Business and Management. During her study, she also was working as Student Ambassador under Marketing department and became a coordinator/team leader of Marketing for 1.5 years and as a Marketing Supervisor for 2 years.

She is a native Indonesian speaker, she speaks fluent English, professional working proficiency for Dutch language and elementary proficiency in Mandarin and Japanese.