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Millennials, this is how you can prove those negative stereotypes wrong

To some, the word “Millennial” sounds like a dirty word. The “M” word, let’s call it. Unfortunately, being associated with this word comes with a few negative connotations—whether deserved or not. Often, those connotations extend to the way Millennials work. And granted, the Millennial generation, roughly comprised of people between ages of 21 and 34,[...]
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6 Career Resolutions You Need To Make In 2017

In the spirit of all the “new year, new you,” here are six proactive career steps you need to make for 2017, regardless of whether you’re actively job searching. 1. Update your resume and LinkedIn. Keeping your credentials up-to-date is so important, even if you’re not in the job market. More and more employers are[...]
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