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How to Double Your Productivity at Work

Productivity. The dream of every manager, the goal of every worker. It’s clear that in today’s professional world, productivity is the single most important metric and value. Despite working increasingly longer hours and being exposed to countless self-help guides, we rarely see things that promise to improve our productivity deliver. Is that because productivity is[...]
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6 Career Networking Tips for Millennials

Does the idea of networking sound forced and unnatural? Maybe you’re thinking of it all wrong: Networking doesn’t have to be a transactional, tit-for-tat experience where you connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise associate with for the sake of furthering your career. Instead, think of networking as being the process of forming a friendship where the major[...]
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8 Basic Tech Skills Every Employee Should Have

Being tech-savvy is no longer unique, it’s universal. Some people may be more comfortable around technology than others, and that might depend on your profession. We get that, but every professional nowadays must have a degree of technological sophistication to them. To some of you reading this, the basic skills I’m about to list might[...]
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