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How and Why to Demonstrate Respect in the Workplace

A respectful working environment increases the productivity of workers and creates a more positive and productive workforce. Make a habit of professionalism and show respect for these simple but powerful acts. Ask anyone in the workplace what they want most from their bosses, and the response will be likely treated with dignity and respect. In[...]
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Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

For Human Resources Department and Business Managers, understanding the characteristic and personality of each generation in the company is very important, moreover if the company has a multigenerational workforce. The current productive generations are generally divided into four groups, which are baby boomers, generation Y, millennials and generation Z. Baby boomers are those born between[...]
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How to Prepare Employees for Organizational Change?

Few companies are preparing for the great changes that are to come, and of these, only a small part starts an organizational change process. Nowadays, the companies that have a higher capacity to expand are the technological companies, both large multinationals like Amazon, as well as those smaller companies with the capability of adapting to[...]
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The Business Strategy has to be Based on Human Resources

The human resources managers of the companies are responsible for properly managing the talent of your company, both those who are going to join and those who have been there for some time. All of them need to be given continuous training in the organization, to fully enhance their skills and abilities. Therefore, sharpening their[...]
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How to get the most out of the Performance Evaluation

How to get the most out of the Performance Evaluation Performance evaluations are tools that allow us to identify and direct the employees through transparent feedback processes. Among many of its other benefits, evaluations serve as motivation to increase the employees’ productivity. Once you have defined the standards on the performance evaluation, and when all[...]
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