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How and Why to Demonstrate Respect in the Workplace

A respectful working environment increases the productivity of workers and creates a more positive and productive workforce. Make a habit of professionalism and show respect for these simple but powerful acts. Ask anyone in the workplace what they want most from their bosses, and the response will be likely treated with dignity and respect. In[...]
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What are the Professions in the Indonesian Construction Sector Opened to Foreign Workers?

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower has signed the Decree of the Minister of Manpower (Kepmenaker) Number 228 of 2019 concerning Certain Positions that Can Be Occupied by Foreign Workers. In this decree, certain positions that can be occupied by foreign workers are divided into 18 categories, starting with Construction; Real estate; Education; Processing industry; Arts,[...]
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Challenges Faced by HR in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is closely linked to day-to-day work of high pressure. This is fundamentally rational because workers in this industry work for the safety of many people, especially medical practitioners such as doctors or nurses. Research shows that the pressure in this sector is increasing even more. HR practitioners in this field are also[...]
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The Top Five In-Demand Careers in Indonesia’s Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in Indonesia experiences significant growth every year. This is because the demands of the wider community for health services are increasing. One indicator of the potential of the health industry in Indonesia is to look at the number of private companies entering the healthcare business. This proves that the healthcare business is[...]
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