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Challenges Faced by HR in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is closely linked to day-to-day work of high pressure. This is fundamentally rational because workers in this industry work for the safety of many people, especially medical practitioners such as doctors or nurses. Research shows that the pressure in this sector is increasing even more. HR practitioners in this field are also[...]
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The Top Five In-Demand Careers in Indonesia’s Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in Indonesia experiences significant growth every year. This is because the demands of the wider community for health services are increasing. One indicator of the potential of the health industry in Indonesia is to look at the number of private companies entering the healthcare business. This proves that the healthcare business is[...]
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Quarter Life Crisis: Definition, Signs and How to Deal with It

A lot of millenials admit that they arrive at the point where they experience a quarter life crisis (QLS). This situation has led them struggling with the fear against their future and direction of life. Lately, the phrase has been increasing popular and the phenomenon is usually encountered by millenials whose ages spanning from 20[...]
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How Technology Improves Recruitment Process in Innovative Ways

Technology is the way of life practically for everyone in all industries. In the field of recruitment, the impact of technology and the data it captures is becoming more pronounced in terms of enhancing the hiring experience for the candidates and the hiring teams. Portals for a Job Posting The job of manually searching for[...]
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Consequences of a Bad Recruitment Process

Hiring the wrong employee may bring negative consequences for companies since it entails high expenses for the employee’s departure, the time and resources dedicated to carrying out a new selection process and the training of the new worker. In addition, other aspects that are more difficult to quantify must be taken into account, such as[...]
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Does Experience Predict a New Hire’s Success?

Chad H. Van Iddekinge of Florida State University and his colleagues did an investigation on the relations between an employee’s prior work experience and his or her performance in a new organization by reviewing 81 studies. The studies revealed that the two variables have no significant correlation. It is also said that even though people[...]
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