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How and Why to Demonstrate Respect in the Workplace

A respectful working environment increases the productivity of workers and creates a more positive and productive workforce. Make a habit of professionalism and show respect for these simple but powerful acts. Ask anyone in the workplace what they want most from their bosses, and the response will be likely treated with dignity and respect. In[...]
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The Soft Skills Needed for Business and Personal Success

In a general perspective, human has both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are more discernible and tangible, mostly learned through formal training. Yet experience’s softer qualities often have a longer-term effect on results. For example, it is important to be technically skilled as a software engineer on a particular project, but it is essential[...]
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Cashless Society through Indonesian People’s Binoculars

Cashless Society through Indonesian People’s Binoculars In this digital era, no one can escape the progressive technology advancements, including most people in Indonesia. Especially after the Government launched Gerakan Nasional Non-Tunai (National Non-Cash Movement) on August 2014, more and more fintech companies are more active in normalizing the benefits of cashless payment that include practicality,[...]
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The Rise of Job-Hopping: Is It Recommended?

The Rise of Job-Hopping: Is It Recommended? During my 6-months tenure in Shackleton Towers, there is a common pattern that ties all of the applying candidates together: job-hopping. So, what is job-hopping, really? The definition itself is pretty self-explanatory; it is the habit of moving from one company to another company in less than two[...]
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