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Be Here Now: Making Candidate Experience Live Forever

Be Here Now: Making Candidate Experience Live Forever   Let’s face it. Being a recruiter isn’t always easy. We talk a ton about “candidate experience,” but the truth is having a good experience works both ways, really, and most of the time, it’s the candidate treating the recruiter like shit, not the other way around. There’s[...]
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A ‘Foolish’ Guide to Employee Engagement

A ‘Foolish’ Guide to Employee Engagement   Most companies with hourly employees know that employee engagement is absolutely critical but largely lacking in many workplaces today. During the recent TDn2K Global Best Practices Conference, Tom Gardner, the CEO and cofounder of The Motley Fool reminded the audience that the average Gallup employee engagement score is 30[...]
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10 Tips to keep motivated employees and bring the passion back into the workplace

In many companies, work has become a place of disillusionment. Employees start with enthusiasm and creativity, but day after day they feel more and more helpless, as if they don’t have any real choices anymore. Employees are overwhelmed, exhausted and bored. They feel like they have been shot down. Complaining and ridiculing others becomes the[...]
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Making Sense of Holacracy: No Job Titles, No Managers, No Hierarchy

Most organizations have business structures designed like pyramids. The person at the top makes the most important decisions, which then get distributed to managers at various levels until strategies and policies reach workers. There are variations on this format, but they mostly happen on the pyramid’s interior. The outside keeps the same shape. Holocracy offers[...]
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