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How social networks affect the world of work

In the same way that society constantly evolves, so do the recruitment systems, which inevitably and necessarily adapt to the current media. Social networks, which usually involve the exposure of personal life, can sometimes be decisive when it comes to being hired or not according to the selection processes. More and more human resources managers[...]
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Quarter Life Crisis: Definition, Signs and How to Deal with It

A lot of millenials admit that they arrive at the point where they experience a quarter life crisis (QLS). This situation has led them struggling with the fear against their future and direction of life. Lately, the phrase has been increasing popular and the phenomenon is usually encountered by millenials whose ages spanning from 20[...]
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Improve your Employability through Training

“Employability” is the ability of a person to be absorbed by the labor market. The continued growth of the digital industry is rapidly changing the work landscape. Among the changes that are taking place include:  Disappearance of work for a lifetime.  The Curriculum Vitae is being replaced by the personal brand.  Many recruiters have become[...]
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Consequences of a Bad Recruitment Process

Hiring the wrong employee may bring negative consequences for companies since it entails high expenses for the employee’s departure, the time and resources dedicated to carrying out a new selection process and the training of the new worker. In addition, other aspects that are more difficult to quantify must be taken into account, such as[...]
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