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The Rise of Job-Hopping: Is It Recommended?

The Rise of Job-Hopping: Is It Recommended? During my 6-months tenure in Shackleton Towers, there is a common pattern that ties all of the applying candidates together: job-hopping. So, what is job-hopping, really? The definition itself is pretty self-explanatory; it is the habit of moving from one company to another company in less than two[...]
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The Impact of Technology on Employment

The Impact of Technology on Employment Recently there are a lot of discussions on how much technology is transforming the labor market at all levels, and how it is more efficient than humans in some tasks by increasing productivity and reducing labor costs, thereby generating economic growth. A lot of automation, digitization, Artificial Intelligence (AI)[...]
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We Are Rebranding!

We Are Rebranding! On January 21, 2019, PT. Global Talentia Indonesia has officially changed the brand’s name into Shackleton Towers. Rebranding is more than just changing your logo or the outlook of your product, it is a process of changing what people see and think when they look at your business’s marketing efforts. For us,[...]
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