How Technology Improves Recruitment Process in Innovative Ways

Technology is the way of life practically for everyone in all industries. In the field of recruitment, the impact of technology and the data it captures is becoming more pronounced in terms of enhancing the hiring experience for the candidates and the hiring teams. 


Portals for a Job Posting

The job of manually searching for suitable candidates has now become a thing of the past. We can now scour the entire internet for the right candidate in just a click of a button, or as what we know as Job Portals. Job portals, or job boards, are sites where we can advertise jobs and search for resumes. They are an integral part of almost every hiring process and using them effectively will translate into qualified candidates.

This has been taken a step ahead of where the prospective candidates can be ranked based on the profile match, thereby reducing the time and effort to skim through thousands of profiles to find the right match.


Undertaking Interview Remotely

Scheduling interviews properly can be a big challenge especially if we are trying to schedule 50 interviews and have to match all the available time according to each of the candidates’ schedules. Fortunately, due to the advanced method in this era, interviewing has also gotten a digital advancement, especially for the early-stage interviews. With the help of a video interview, we can have communication with the candidates at their own convenient time and place. Besides, by having global companies as our clients, a video interviewing makes it possible to conduct interviews with candidates across the globe thereby ensuring that the candidates do not have to travel for a personal round of interview.


Efficiency in Time

The recruitment process is much more automated than it was even just five years ago. One thing to expect now and in the future is an increase in the use of hiring with the collaboration of computers and consultants. The focus has now shifted from just automating the HR system to actually can help increase internal productivity, bench utilization, and employee engagement.


Talent Relationship Maintenance

Recruiters are now putting an effort to build a strong relationship with the candidates not just before and during the hiring process but even thereafter. In Shackleton Towers especially, candidates aren’t just a tool for us to maintain the connection with clients. Candidates are very important, and we respect, cherish, and hoping that we can help them in any way possible. This brings out the need in us to help candidates grow and maintain the candidates’ pipeline by using the advanced technology such as content, social media, and other mediums. 

This not only enables an organization to assess where companies are losing prospective candidates but also helps source top talent even before the need arises, thereby reducing the waiting time when the need does arise.

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