5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged in Work From Home Setting

Remote work has become a trend since the COVID-19 and has brought significant changes in many companies all over the world. Some companies such as Facebook and Shopify have announced that they are moving to remote work permanently while many companies are still considering whether they will return to the office again or to continue to support remote work.

Besides, working from home comes with its own set of unique challenges. It changed the major area of human nature – communication. We used to do face-to-face interactions, especially for conferences and meetings which involve idea generation but now we have to transform into a remote way in order to adjust the situation.

The HR managers and professionals are trying to discover various strategies to efficate their operations remotely. The major question is how the organizations develop employee engagement ideas for a remote working team? An exhaustive strategy is shared below!

  • Engage with fun

Conduct periodic surveys to check about what your employees are thinking, feeling, and doing will be a good way to get feedback and opinion from your team. Your questions could be more about what motivates them, what things they enjoy the most during the quarantine, what they feel about culture changes at work, what changes and difficulties they might have now, etc.


  • Encourage learning

Since working-from-home became a new way of working, many companies have invested in e-learning platforms, and employees will be able to learn new skills or upskill their existing skills. A lot of research has proved that employees tend to stay longer in a company if they are in a job that helps them learn new skills and grow as individuals.


  • Recognition

An easy way to keep remote employees engaged is by continuously supporting them through recognition. Acknowledge your employees for their outstanding work will rejoice them for their contributions. Recognition also can be the best way to demonstrate to employees that you care about their work and well-being, even when they aren’t in the office or working at their desks.


  • Provide support for equipment and other necessities

Working from home can be challenging as you might have to make sure that your employees get their tools or equipment they need to do their job. Employers have a duty to provide a safe place of work for their employees and other necessities to adjust to remote working.


  • Promote health and wellness

Physical and mental well-being are essential when it comes to employee satisfaction. If your company has provided a wellness allowance such as a gym or other physical activities, they must be missing out on their sports routines as many clubs might still be closed now. In order to help them stay healthy while staying indoors, you can offer free online workouts or fitness classes that are easy to do.

You can create plenty of ideas about how to keep your employees engaged in the work-from-home setting. Remember, the more engaged your employees are, the more they become productive and committed to their job.

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