The Importance of Organizational Structure

Every company has its own organizational structure, and as the organization grows, its structure must evolve with it.

This structure is basically the organization design of the company. It can be defined as the framework which organizes and distributes responsibilities, roles, relationships, authority or chain of command, and communication channels for the employees and management.

The purpose of an organizational structure is to have everything organised, so all available resources can be efficiently managed and directed towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives. This way, the work can be divided amongst the employees and departments, who will use the established channels to collaborate and work together.

For a company, it’s fundamental to have a proper organisational structure, otherwise it will have serious consequences on the business, affecting productivity and as a result, its overall performance. Consequently, it’s important that the design of a company’s organisational structure, properly establishes employees’ tasks and responsibilities so there is no place for confusion.

There will always be problems, but a properly set up organisational structure can prevent significant productivity losses and provide clear instructions and guidelines for everyone in the company to achieve their targets.

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