Importance Of Workforce Planning

To carry out adequate workforce planning, we must start from the strategic plan of the company, since the objectives of the company are determined that determine the number of employees and the necessary profiles in the short and long term.

Some companies do not follow a personnel plan, and what they do is wait for the vacancies to arise before proceeding to cover them. This method may be enough for small companies, but, indeed, better results are obtained when we plan.

The planning of the needed employees, whether internal or external, must be aligned with the strategic plan of the company since:

  • Based on we will know if the company plans to restructure or create a department, which directly affects the recruitment and training of employees.
  • We will have a forecast regarding the sales that are expected to have, or regarding the services that are going to be offered. Based on we will know which profiles we need.

The workforce planning provides multiple benefits like the ones below:

  • Identification of gaps between the current situation and the desired situation
  •  Explicit communication of organizational objectives
  • Encouragement of proactive rather than reactive behavior
  • Promotion of critical thinking and continuous analysis
  • Reduction of the costs derived from the management of human resources since the situations are solved before they become critical.
  • Employee training can be better planned
  • Improve the use of human resources available to the company by providing the best-qualified personnel for the specific task
  • Achieve a synergy between the objectives of the company and those of the personnel department
  • Address personnel needs more quickly when outside conditions change

Every company needs to plan all the actions it performs to achieve efficient operation. If we plan, we can anticipate changes that can be surgical, and we can adapt to them successfully.

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