Gamification in Recruitment

Gamification is about digitally engaging and motivating people to achieve their goals.

Organizations use these principles of play to increase customer interest and interaction with their brand. Today, gamification is becoming a popular marketing differentiator. Some examples in which gamification is being used are employees of the month schemes, loyalty programs, simulated games, etc.

Regarding gamification in recruitment processes, Generation Y and Millennial candidates say they are more attracted to those companies that are more innovative and accessible during the recruitment process. The introduction of gamification in the recruitment process has been increasing significantly lately. “Gamification” is the application of game design and mechanics in non-game contexts.

Is gamification worth using in the recruitment process?

It takes a lot of effort to gamify the recruitment process since it requires hiring a specialized team that can make it possible.

Find below 3 reasons that make it worth:

 1. Allow you to test specific skills

The game will give the applicant a task to solve while attacking him with all kinds of distractions. Through this task to be solved, the different skills that you want to test for the job will be tested and measured.

2. Save time

The traditional way of measuring the skills of the candidates would be inviting all the applicants to pass a test in which we would put them in a real situation, to evaluate how they unfold it. By this method instead of inviting all applicants to a test, you can simply test them by allowing them to play virtually.

This type of gamification applies to all sectors and allows evaluating several applicants, so you will be able to choose between the best ones to carry out the relevant job interviews.

3. Differentiate yourself from competitors

Very prestigious companies, especially those related to the technology industry, are already using gamification in their recruitment processes. With this, they manage to conquer the most modern and updated talent.

To get the best talent in any recruitment process, it is necessary to have processes that best represent the organization. With this, the company is positioned as an updated company that invests in business growth.

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