Should You Suspend Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With COVID quarantines in full effect across the country, many companies have gone completely virtual and have shifted to fully remote operations. However, hiring for essential positions can’t stop just because you’re not physically in the office. While job fairs are a great place to source top talent, if you’re trying to avoid face-to-face communication, online communication options are the route you should go.

These days, more and more recruiters are turning to online methods to source and connect with potential candidates. Technology is driving the effort. Online applications, video interviewing, online onboarding and more are being leveraged to enable fast, effective hiring. Start with social media! LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, and if you tailor your messaging just right, you’ll be sourcing talent in no time!

” Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it. To see an opportunity, we must be open to all thoughts” – Stephen C. Hogan

Besides, HR teams must ensure any technology they use, whether for recruitment, pre-hire assessments or video interviewing is purpose-built, not only for the task at hand, but also for the specific company and industry in which they operate.

Here are you need to know to successfully adapt your recruiting process!

  1. Digitize your recruiting process

Case studies, role plays, behavioral and capability assessments can all be carried out remotely and within a paperless environment. The logistics of scheduling, organizing, record-taking, and reporting can be managed through online systems and require fewer resources.


  1. Invest in your candidate relationship management

Make it easy for attractive candidates by acting quickly and unbureaucratically. Administrative processes are also no longer a problem, the digital signature facilitates a lot. Even onboarding a new colleague can work in times of social distancing. And even if positions in recruiting are put on hold or have to be stopped completely, you don’t just disappear into the pool. Communicate!


  1. Employer Branding is now more important more than ever

What can you do if your planned activities cannot be realized? Focus on online employer branding. This shift is more relevant than ever to at least digitally create closeness in times of social distancing. show your preferred candidate why you are the most attractive employer in your industry. In addition to text, use more interactive content types such as videos, images, graphics, and GIFs. Increase your brand awareness!


While coronavirus fears continue to plague every country in this world, it’s time to start looking into technology-based aspects of the hiring process. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, you’ll at least be ahead of the curve when we all go fully digital!

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