How to Face the Impact of Coronavirus in our Companies

From the experience that other countries around the world have been experiencing for a few weeks, we see that many companies are being overwhelmed because of the contention generated by COVID-19. Due to the fact of having to promote teleworking and avoid high concentrations of employees by making modifications and deletions in work shifts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


From Shackleton Towers, we are going to share some tips that can help companies to face this situation in a more agile and successful way by adapting some tools and/or work methodologies:


1) Telework

To carry it out, each company must set up a team prepared for the employees who must telework. If you do not have enough equipment for everyone, you can ask employees to take an inventory and see how many of them have their tools in their homes that can be used in this specific situation.

And once the teleworking is already being carried out, we have several tools that can help us measure the results of the employees.


2) Digitization

For our employees to be able to take home their tasks properly, the company must be properly digitized. For this, it is necessary to enable servers hosted in the cloud, which allow access to any document necessary for the development of the work.


3) Flexibility

The person who will have to telework during the confinement caused by the COVID-19, sometimes will not be able to carry out their tasks in a rigid schedule, since they may have to be taking care of their children who are not going to school because of this situation. For this reason, it may be necessary to implement more fluid communication, so that all employees can keep up with work without losing hours of productivity.


4) Virtual Meetings

Having teleconferencing, multiconferencing, and videoconferencing systems is especially useful for this type of situation. It is a quick and accessible communication methodology, which allows us to carry out team meetings or projects without having to travel.


5) Empathy

In these types of situations of alarm and uncertainty, it is very important to apply common sense, trying to support colleagues who may need it most, either because they are more vulnerable to the situation or because they have greater fears.

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