HR trends in 2020

Below we list the trends that will stand out this year in Human Resources.

  • AI and automation. Both will be established in the HR sector; not only in the recruitment but in all human resources processes that do not add value to the companies; the most repetitive tasks. This will allow the processes to be carried out in the shortest time.


  • More strategic and specialized HR departments. The entry of automation in HR departments will allow the time that is reduced from repetitive tasks, can be invested in the strategy, becoming this, a lever in a fundamental for the Management in order to achieve the objectives of the organizations. With this specialization of human resources, the figure of HR Generalist will be increasingly lost to make way for HR Analytics.


  • Flexibility and organization. We no longer talk about flexibility only in terms of the way of working, but also in terms of the organizational chart of companies, which will give way to increase horizontally and less vertical structures.


  • Experience and engagement. Companies are increasingly taking care of the employee-company relationship through career plans, wellness programs, reward systems, 360 evaluation, etc. With all this, companies manage to increase retention and improve employer branding.


  • Continuing professional training. To achieve the adaptation of employees to the changes suffered by companies largely caused by digitalization, companies are forced to help workers to update their skills so that they do not remain obstructive. The use of digital content is a great ally for this continuous training.


  • Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is increasingly used for the realization of business training, as for onboardings and internal communication.


  • Employer Branding. More and more HR departments collaborate with Marketing departments to promote campaigns that promote employer branding. A basic tool to attract the best talents.


  • Outsourcing of human resources. The internal HR teams will be increasingly smaller and will be more focused on strategic decisions, such as working on the company’s culture and employer branding. Therefore, outsourcing of many human resources tasks will occur.

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