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A respectful working environment increases the productivity of workers and creates a more positive and productive workforce. Make a habit of professionalism and show respect for these simple but powerful acts. Ask anyone in the workplace what they want most from their bosses, and the response will be likely treated with dignity and respect.

In the workplace, more than half of workers believe that upper management does not consistently value them. This is important to pay attention to because the evaluation of workers is more important than any other leader activity to be treated with respect by members.

Nevertheless, subordinates are never limited to showing respect. Everyone can and should show respect for others in the organization.

It is easy to show respect for others in the workplace, whether you frequently say good morning to your colleagues or clean up after you in the office kitchen, and it goes a long way. Here’s how you can show this every day, and why.

Listen to Your Employees

Listening to their feedback and taking action is one of the simplest and most effective ways to show respect for your workers. Encourage the staff to speak up and share their thoughts or ideas at company meetings. This will make the employees feel respected, and by being open to new points of view you can even come up with interesting ideas. People who feel their employers included and respected are much more likely to be successful and passionate about their jobs.

Compliment Your Employees’ Achievements

Often the good work their employees do, especially the “small” things, is taken for granted by employers. It’s important to remember that whatever your employees do, big or small, will have to affect your company. Learn to recognize and praise your workers when they put extra effort into what they do. This will make the workers feel valued and inspire them to keep up the good work in return.

Keep Your Word

Give it to them if you gave a raise to an employee. If you said you’d have a new water fountain for your workers, follow through. Do not take it away if you gave some time off. It’s as plain as that. It will make you seem unreliable and disrespectful if you take your word back. You show that you don’t respect the person you’re dealing with when you don’t keep your word, which can cause trouble in the workplace.

People’s actions may vary depending on their culture, religion, the way they were raised, etc. Some examples of behaviors that people may find rude include chewing gum or talking too loudly, taking credit for the work of others, not cleaning up after yourself, borrowing supplies and not returning them, complaining too much, making an offensive or inappropriate joke, etc. Some of the above-mentioned behaviors may seem stupid, but everything depends on perspective. You can learn to identify and act accordingly. When you find that everything you do or say offends a coworker, try to pull them aside and ask what you’re doing to annoy them and change their behavior accordingly.

If employees feel like their bosses are insensitive, they often automatically lose respect for them. A workplace where there is no mutual respect between managers and employees is not a healthy one and will have bad effects on the company.

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