The Importance of Happiness at the Workplace

There are various factors that make employees more productive at work, one of which is happiness. Yes,

the happier a person is, the more productive they are at work. Surely this is beneficial for the company.

Economists at the University of Warwick conducted research on 700 people in the UK. As a result, it was

found that happiness caused a 12 percent surge in productivity. Meanwhile, unhappy workers proved 10

percent less productive.

Not only productive, but happy employees are also able to complete tasks more accurately and have a

positive impact on performance. On the other hand, unhappy employees tend to have low attendance

rates, also experience more fatigue and stress.


Here are more reasons why a happy workplace matters.


  1. More Productive

Employee happiness can have a positive impact on their overall productivity. It can be said that

happiness is a motivator. Everyone will be happy to do something that makes themselves happy,

including your employees.


  1. Higher Sales Figures

Happy employees want to fulfill their goals. They want to measure their success so they can be praised

and celebrate their achievements. Employees who feel empowered to meet these goals are very

enthusiastic and motivated to do so for companies that make them feel happy.


  1. Better Networking and Social Support

Happy people want to be around other people. They want to exchange ideas and stories, are willing to

help others and want to do everything with a friendly attitude. They want to communicate with others,

and more importantly, they want to make other people happy (which means greater customer


On the other hand, unhappy people tend to withdraw from social situations that make themselves not

want to relate to other people.


  1. Lowering the Employee Turnover Rate

Logically speaking, if an employee is not happy at their workplace, they might not want to be there. This

then encourages them to make excuses for not going in, leaving early or not even completing their

duties properly. Unhappy employees will look for new job opportunities to leave the company. They

likely use company hours and resources to do it.


Both of these are detrimental to the welfare of your company. Besides, the process of hiring new

employees will cost more time and resources than keeping happy employees.

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