The Top Five In-Demand Careers in Indonesia’s Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in Indonesia experiences significant growth every year. This is because the demands of the wider community for health services are increasing. One indicator of the potential of the health industry in Indonesia is to look at the number of private companies entering the healthcare business. This proves that the healthcare business is very promising and will continue to grow from year to year.

The Ministry of Health’s report shows that local medical devices company In Indonesia is continuing to grow. The number of domestic medical device industry in early 2018 increased by 25.3 percent or equals to 27 industries. So that currently there are 242 industries in Indonesia covering 294 types of medical devices.

Building a career in the healthcare industry is a reasonable choice, given the increasing health facilities in Indonesia that continue to improve. If you want to have a good career in the future, working in the health industry can be an option worth considering. Here are the top five in-demand careers in the Healthcare Industry in Indonesia.

1. Nurse
Apart from doctors, nurses are also one of the professions in the health sector we often meet. This profession does seem trivial even not infrequently considered only as a doctor’s aide. However, this profession at certain circumstances has the same class as a doctor. If the doctor has a duty to provide treatment, then a nurse must treat and ensure that the patient undergoes treatment according to the doctor’s recommendations.

2. Pharmacist
Pharmacist or Pharmacy Professionals may be very rarely encountered even in the hospital. Not because there isn’t, but pharmacists do more often work behind the counter to mix prescriptions given by doctors to patients. Being a pharmacist also requires many stages to be passed. A pharmacist usually has to go to college majoring in Pharmacy. After graduating as a Pharmacy degree, a pharmacist must also undergo a professional Pharmacist education for 1 year before being declared eligible to become a Pharmacist.

3. Health analyst
Just like pharmacists, health analysts are also certainly somewhat rare as they usually work in the laboratory and rarely interact with patients. The main task of a Health Analyst briefly is to examine and analyze materials that are considered to affect public health.

The role of a Health Analyst can be seen when we do a medical check-up. Each patient test sample will be examined to determine the level of health of the patient. This profession is still quite rare because there are not many universities that open this department.

4. Medical Record Personnel
One other profession that you may not be aware of often meet is Medical Record Personnel. Like the previous three professions, this profession also rarely interacts directly with patients. Medical Record Personnel or Health Information Administrators are medical personnel assigned to carry out the process of archiving individual or community health information. Later, the data that has been processed by Medical Record Personnel can be a reference for other medical personnel to take action on a patient.

5. Doctor
Doctors are one of the professions that are in great demand because the profession can provide individual financial welfare. Some become doctors because they want to be useful for others, in this case treating the sick until they are healed. Various reasons certainly motivate someone who wants to be a doctor. To become a doctor, going to a college is not enough; instead, some processes must be followed; ranging from pre-clinical practice, clinical practice to comprehensive practice exams from the state and university. Nevertheless, the career path for this position is clear, in a way that after graduating from college, you know where to go. You can choose to continue further study programs, work in public or private hospitals, open your clinic and become a General Practitioner, and work in other health fields.

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