The Importance of a Cover Letter

Within selection processes we often find that the candidates do not attach a cover letter, or that they leave them for the last moment, not devoting enough time or not realizing the importance of the cover letter.

In today’s article, we want to share the importance of paying attention to the cover letter when we are applying to a job vacancy.

The first impression we give to the recruiter is mainly represented through our curriculum vitae and cover letter. The letter serves to expand the information we put on our CV, to show that we are eager and interested to let the interviewer know our profile in more detail.

On the other hand, the fact of sending a letter of introduction reinforces your interest in the job for which you are applying, and this helps you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates.

How to make a correct cover letter

Here are some tips so you can properly prepare your cover letter.

1. Awakens interest

If you are responding to an ad, start the letter explaining what attracts you to the vacancy. If it is a spontaneous candidacy, it shows that you do not run because you do, but that you know the company.

2. Talk about your project

In the letter, you have to explain what you plan to do, what type of position you aspire to, what is your professional project.

3. Put yourself in the place of the coach

The second paragraph of the letter should enhance your qualities for the position you intend to occupy. The cover letter has a fundamental objective, which is to meet the expectations of the coach. You have to put yourself in his place and ask yourself what are the skills and qualities he is looking for.

4. Take care of the forms

Avoid misspellings, do not type carelessly, and put attention on the syntax.

5. Invite the coach to an interview

The purpose of the letter is to get invited for an interview. Make sure that you will “be available” for the meeting. You may say “I would be delighted to have an opportunity to discuss my qualifications. Therefore, I am available for an interview upon appointment…”

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