How social networks affect the world of work

In the same way that society constantly evolves, so do the recruitment systems, which inevitably and necessarily adapt to the current media.

Social networks, which usually involve the exposure of personal life, can sometimes be decisive when it comes to being hired or not according to the selection processes. More and more human resources managers are investigating the social networks of potential candidates. That is why the personal brand becomes something increasingly relevant because we all fear a digital identity that goes beyond the curriculum.

Advantages of social media

  • They allow you to have greater accessibility of communication with other professionals, and a better connection within the world of work.
  • It is easier to apply to different job offers, which multiplies the opportunity to reach companies
  • They are the key to selling the personal image. Companies can meet the candidates through them, so we can sell what interests us most about ourselves to find work.

Disadvantages of social media

  • As we have commented, companies can get to know the candidates through social networks. Therefore, any information we have shared on social networks, even the least convenient for companies to know, can be seen by recruiters.
  • They represent a loss of privacy.

Considering the advantages /disadvantages of social networks, we see that today it is important to be present in social networks but always making effective use of them. Therefore, as candidates, we must focus on creating a good profile and maintaining a good image, putting social networks at the center of our search strategy.

What can you improve on your social networks?

  • Consistency among profiles. It is important to have updated profiles. However, it is also necessary to make sure that the information is consistent with each other. The more complete profiles are better so that HR staff will have more information about you and can make a more effective decision.
  • Every word count. Our social media profiles are part of ourselves – it identifies us and positions us. Besides, everything is written which enables us to leave our trails. We must bear in mind that the comments and the way we behave do matter, including on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. On Facebook, we usually are more expressive and show more informal behavior, but your presence there also counts for those responsible for human resources. They do not differentiate between the person in the real world and the professional world, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the WhatsApp states, which should not be forgotten either.
  • The image you project. It is not only the comments representing how you are. The images of you or share on your wall or profile will also show how you are, what you like and what you don’t.
  • Interact, be a grateful and positive person. Respond to comments, messages or tweets, so they will know that you are there. And as a person, you must behave and be grateful, show that you are part of the community.

The job search and social networks are closely intertwined. Arrange and set your profiles good, not just your resume. The era of the Internet and social networks has generated new needs and synergies when looking for work. In the same way, social networks can be a resource for job search.

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