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“Employability” is the ability of a person to be absorbed by the labor market.

The continued growth of the digital industry is rapidly changing the work landscape. Among the changes that are taking place include:

  •  Disappearance of work for a lifetime.
  •  The Curriculum Vitae is being replaced by the personal brand.
  •  Many recruiters have become net-hunters, that is, talent seekers through the RR.SS.
  •  In many sectors there are significant talent crises.
  •  The professional must work his “Employability” of constant way.
  •  Competencies are more important than academic degrees.

Therefore, working on “Employability” should be a priority in the daily work of any professional, and we must focus on working on personal variables.

How can we exercise our employability?

Most of the variables that affect our Employability are closely related to training. Therefore, we have to choose a suitable training during our professional career that allows us to achieve our professional objective. In order to well exercise our employability, we need to understand some features as follows:


  • Knowledge: We need to well understand what knowledge is most appropriate for the development of our professional career.
  • Skills: some of them are acquired in formal education, some we have acquired in our free time, and the rest we acquire in our work experiences. And those that we do not yet have, we can gain through practical training.
  • Attitudes: for example, responsibility, teamwork, motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, proactivity or tolerance. All of them can be exercised through training.
  • Experience: we acquire it in the workplace mostly.
  • Personal brand: developing and managing the personal brand needs knowledge of marketing, branding, communication and social media. Through training we can get a suitable brand for us.
  • Values: sharing training with other people will help us to know the main values ​​estimated by other professionals and companies.

In short, in order to improve our “Employability” training is very essential. However, we should perform it in an appropriate manner and with a strategy that allows us to achieve our professional objectives.

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