How to Prepare Employees for Organizational Change?

Few companies are preparing for the great changes that are to come, and of these, only a small part starts an organizational change process.

Nowadays, the companies that have a higher capacity to expand are the technological companies, both large multinationals like Amazon, as well as those smaller companies with the capability of adapting to changes.
Adapting to the new economy, to the new trends, structures, and customer demands is today vital for the survival of any company.

The companies in which an effective and successful change takes place are those that best understand the connection between selecting and preparing their templates for the change, together with the adequate implementation of new long-range initiatives. It is essential to develop the intelligence, creativity, and talent of the people who make up the organization. And what steps to take to address this change?

Steps to consider addressing the change

1. Involve managers: company leaders must be the first to support this effort, which will necessary to guarantee the business strategy and the survival of the organization.

2. Identify the people who can facilitate or block the change: it is necessary to give responsibility to the people in favor of this change, or capable of understanding and assuming it, and neutralizing those less interested in its development.

3. Identify the limitations that prevent the successful achievement of the change: they must be eliminated to guarantee the success of the process.

4. Plan the process of change: launch the initiatives, the calendar and the human resources necessary for its development.

5. Change systems, structures, and policies that do not conform to the new vision.

6. Build an effective communication plan: that allows the final objective, the new strategies and the improvements achieved in each moment to be transferred to the workforce, in a way that helps focus the efforts.

Change is a constant thing in companies that want to continue functioning and this requires preparation and an effort that involves the whole organization, led by management.

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