Quarter Life Crisis: Definition, Signs and How to Deal with It

A lot of millenials admit that they arrive at the point where they experience a quarter life crisis (QLS). This situation has led them struggling with the fear against their future and direction of life. Lately, the phrase has been increasing popular and the phenomenon is usually encountered by millenials whose ages spanning from 20 to 30 years old. When we were teenagers we might be thinking that we would figure all things out at our 20s or 30s and when we turn out to be wrong, that is when the QLS would probably attack us given the incompatibility of the expectations and the realities.

To understand more about this phenomenon, we will elaborate what actually QLS is and how do you know that you are in the phase of QLS. As explained before, QLS is a phase in life when someone starts worrying about their direction of life and it mostly happens to millenials. The situations are also closely associated with feeling miserable, isolation, insufficiency, self-doubt, anxiety, unmotivated, confusion, and fear of failure.

There are numbers of factors that can lead to the QLS. According to Forbes, the older generations consider their objectives of working is simply to earn money for living, however, in the case of millenials, they consider working as a form of self-actualization in which the job has to be something they are really interested in and as an effort to make their dreams come true. As millenials grow up in a situation with quick access to everything, it only takes a quite short time to get what they want. But then, it makes their standard of satisfaction or even expectations increase, therefore when the realities they find do not meet their expectations, it will be easier for them to feel disappointed.

How do you know if you are currently in a QSL? Here are some signs you may experience:

  • You start questioning your life, including the purpose of your life and what you have been achieving so far in life.
  • Feeling stagnant and not having any progress at something that you are working on.
  • Feeling unmotivated in a workplace or even in doing your hobbies.
  • Trapped in a situation where you think you are drifting in an unclear direction.
  • Starting comparing yourself with other people in a way that you feel you are not achieving anything compare to them.

Trapped in a quarter life crisis in some ways, might be similar with being trapped in a comfort-zone. It is a situation that you need to work on in order to getting yourself out of it. It maybe all blurry now, but if you keep going you will be able to figure things out by the end of the day, and of course not all at once. Here are some tips you may try if you think you are facing a quarter life crisis:

  • Be patient with yourself as you cannot always rush things out and remember that everything has its time. Being patient does not mean giving up on what you are working on, it is doing your best, wait and watch the progress grows gradually.
  • Be yourself and find a way/method that you feel comfortable to use in performing your job or anything you’re currently working on.
  • Surround yourself with inspiring and supportive people. The exchange of ideas, values, opinions, perspectives and opportunities will help you to refresh your mind and learn to see things from the positive side.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others in a way that it makes you feel less worthy. Remember that someone’s success is not your failure. Let them be your motivation and keep working on making your dreams come true.

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