The Business Strategy has to be Based on Human Resources

The human resources managers of the companies are responsible for properly managing the talent of your company, both those who are going to join and those who have been there for some time. All of them need to be given continuous training in the organization, to fully enhance their skills and abilities. Therefore, sharpening their talent and making it available to the company for which they work are very critical. This is how real workers will collaborate and influence the development and progress of the company.

Furthermore, all employees must be able to obtain quantifiable results on their performance, that can be measured, that is true and that is reflected in reports so that they can visualize the progress they have had in the time they have been in the company. This is a way to value the resources that the company invests in them and also to retain them.

On the other hand, the human resources department has to hold a socio-strategic role that is aligned with the objectives of the company. This should be done based on the strategies discussed above that will allow employees to feel included in the corporate strategy. It is not just about attracting and developing the best staff, but also about enhancing the talent of all employees to achieve the results marked by the entire company.

The good tool to carry out this alignment of personnel and company is by the utilization of performance evaluations, which have the purpose of complementing the strategic objectives of the company with the personal objectives that each worker has, to consolidate all one, and make the company more competitive.

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