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Hiring the wrong employee may bring negative consequences for companies since it entails high expenses for the employee’s departure, the time and resources dedicated to carrying out a new selection process and the training of the new worker.

In addition, other aspects that are more difficult to quantify must be taken into account, such as the demotivation of the rest of the team due to the departure of an employee, the dissatisfaction of the client and / or the provider due to the dissatisfaction of the treatment received by that worker or even due to the rotation of its interlocutor and the poor quality of the work done by the person who did not fit in the company.

Common mistakes when hiring

Most of the errors in hiring are usually due to the lack of resources when selecting employees and because many times these processes are carried out too quickly to be able to fill a position in the shortest possible time in front of a peak of work.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that when hiring a person, you not only have to take into account the skills and training of the employee, but also be able to connect with the culture of the company and fit with the other employees. Assessing the attitudinal part of the profile is not easy, so it is important to have a human resources professional who has the training and sensitivity to correctly identify the soft profile of the candidate.

Consequences of a wrong selection

The main value of any company is its human capital, so we must give importance to the recruitment process of new personnel. If a good selection method is not available, it can trigger a series of errors that directly affect the company’s prestige and productivity. Below we list the main consequences of a bad selection of employees:

  • Productivity reduction: a learning curve compatible with profitability must be designed in the process of integrating the new employee.
  • Costs: the hiring of personnel implies a series of costs that can increase if the selected person does not work and has to be replaced.
  • The rotation increases: if there is too much rotation of people, the image of the company, by suppliers and workers, can be seriously damaged.
  • Work climate: a good working environment is essential to perform a good performance. If the opposite happens, the problems increase and both the employees that were already in the company and the new ones will not yield 100%.

To avoid all these negative aspects related to the hiring of personnel, it is important to have experts in the field who can offer all possible guarantees.

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