How to Bounce Back from Job Rejection

Even though such a rejection in job search is a common thing, it does not always easy to deal with. Moreover, if you are rejected by your dream company, the rejection might let you think that you are a failure. If the company that you desire is a well-known and top company, then the consequence is you have to compete with other talented people. The top companies must be the target of everyone, and if you can’t compete during the test there might be the possibility of you being rejected.

There may also be a situation where the interview seemed going smooth, the interviewer looked impressed and everyone looked very nice. But, turned out they hired someone else. Most of the time, we will be feeling discouraged as indeed we are not accustomed to frequent rejections.

However, please bear in mind that the regret and disappointment are not good if kept buried continuously and we suggest you not to see the rejection as an affirmation that you are “all wrong”. From the interview that you consider good or bad, there are always lessons learned and applicable to the next opportunity. Further, in order to be able to bounce back from the rejection, here are some tips from us to be reflected.

  1. Don’t let it define you

When you are turned down for a job, it is not your value that is being rejected; rather, the interviewers may perceive you as not meeting their needs in some way. Perhaps you lack the experience they were seeking, or maybe you were missing some idiosyncratic trait they were looking for. Or just maybe you were off that day and said something goofy. Either way, none of it reflects your self-worth.

  1. Don’t be intimidated to ask employer for feedback

The feedback they gave you can be your lessons for the next interview opportunity, so don’t be hesitate to ask for a feedback. This also shows your willingness to learn and evolve. Indeed, not all interviewers are willing to give you encouraging or constructive feedback, in this case you will learn to keep the positivism inside you. Consider to ask these questions below:

  • Was there an area in your field they felt you lacked experience?
  • Are your skills not as strong as they preferred?
  • Did your personality not fit the company culture?
  1. Focus on another open opportunity

In announcing the interview results, there are several recruiters who are still willing to provide job vacancies. Instead of sinking for too long, you may want to try to dig deeper the information. Or if not, there are still many vacancies that you can try. Do not get hung up with your dream company, who knows your expertise is actually needed by other companies. While looking for a job, remember that it is important to also expand your connections and expertise.

  1. Improve your skills and experience

The reason most interviewers tell when rejecting you as a candidate is because of the lack of skill and experience. If for example the company is your dream company, and you hope to be able to work there in the future, you may start working on increasing your skills and experience. You may gain more experience by working first in other places. If then you think your skills and experience are qualified enough, it is not wrong to try applying back to your dream company as the potential for you being accepted is greater than your first accuracy before.

Remember, nothing about your job search is wasted, and you can use it all, your successes and your rejections to build your experience and make you better prepared for your dream job when you find it.

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