6 Reasons to use an Executive Search Firm

1. Executive Search companies specialize in search and selection. Therefore, they apply a rigorous process and methodology when looking for a professional.

2. As a general rule, the search for executive profiles can trigger certain political disputes within the organization, because external commitments may exist. The Headhunter is oblivious to these commitments and its position guarantees that it can maintain objectivity and impartiality in the process.

3. Executive Search companies can access candidates that companies could not access. It is difficult for a company to call a competitor directly without falling into the risk of being identified. On the other hand, headhunters have much more freedoms and fewer restrictions when it comes to contacting potential candidates.

4. High-level professional search companies avoid a lot of inefficient works, making themselves available to the client’s finalists that cover all the requirements of the position. For the Cost of Opportunity, headhunters are the best option for any companies since they do all the contact works, stakeholder identifications, evaluations, discarding, and verifications.

5. Headhunters perform a very important intermediation function in the remuneration aspect. They can discuss this aspect with the candidate without creating an awkward situation because they have successful experiences in the negotiation to achieve an effective agreement with the clients.

6. Selected headhunters have a close relationship with the high-level executive and managerial profiles, also facilitate the signing of contracts. This network allows access to people who have never been able to be accessed before. Also, to learn the rising skills for management profiles and can advise on market trends in certain positions.

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