How to face a phone interview?

How to face a phone interview?

In the recruitment process, the phone interview is increasingly being used as the first filter prior to the face to face interview. It is a tool that is used to quickly identify potential candidates or, on the contrary, to agilely discard those that do not conform to the requirements of the job.

With this method, the information that appears in the curriculum is verified. What is considered relevant will be explained in more detail by the candidate in whom the offer is he/she applying.

So the phone interview saves time, not only for the recruiter, but also for the candidate, who decides whether or not to continue with the process based on the provided information. Therefore, we must consider phone interviews as a key moment in the recruitment process and we must prepare ourselves to face them successfully, paying close attention to what you say and how you say it.

Below we present some tips that can help you successfully overcome your next phone interview and position yourself as a strong candidate:

– Respond to the phone in an educated and professional manner.
– Make sure you do not talk in loud places. If they call you and you do not find yourself in the right situation, place or moment, ask if you can call them back or if they can call you a little bit later.
– Your voice is your image, so it is important to pay attention to it; be kind, natural and relaxed.
– Show yourself as you are.
– No verbal incontinence, it is necessary to be concrete.
– Listen to the interviewer with attention. Let him/her finishes the sentences without interruptions.
– Organize your candidacies. It is important that when they tell you the name of the company from which they call you, you know what the offer is about.
– Have prepared a short speech in which you show you professional profile briefly, in which you talk about your experience, skills and training

Remember, the first impression can be decisive.

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