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Pros and cons of using side door system

Nowadays, Human Resource Departments (HRD) have a different method in finding the right candidate that will be fit to company culture. They are attempting to use a different way than posting a job advertisement, which is called Side Door. The method of side door means company would give an advantage to their employee who successfully find a candidate and without the HRD post in job portal. The reason for HRD in using the term of Side Door because they want the employee involved in the recruitment process such as share the information towards their friends, family, own connection etc. This will make the employee be responsible for finding the right one and interactive with the candidate so that he/she could gain a better understanding of the company culture. There are pro and cons when HRD is using the term of Side Door for the candidates.

Firstly, when HRD is using Side Door to their company, confidence would more achievable to the employee are they are able to be accountable for the given assignment. Secondly, HRD will be able to reduce the budget from job portals usages, such as Jobstreet, Linkedin, Techinasia. They are not required to post a job advertisement. HRD is empowering the employee to find a candidate that matches with company requirements and provide a bonus to whomever candidates that get hired from the company. Thirdly, since they have known each other from the interaction, candidates and employee find it easier to build their relationship. This would be helpful for matching the culture fit and creating comfort in terms of relationship establishment.

On the flip side of the coin, when HRD is using the method of Side Door, the approach would be stricter to the other candidates. Candidates would be disadvantaged because of the system that been applied to the company. They need to be connected to the side door system in order to have a link inside the company. Or else, it would be difficult for them to apply jobs.

Therefore candidates, who do not have a direct connection inside the company, would have to choose the harder path by identifying the recruiter or hiring manager. Candidates should go through their own connection, LinkedIn connection or website to find the right person who handles recruitment process. In order to make the recruiter recognized your profile, candidates need to create a standout CV.


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